What I’m doing starting March

this week I’ll continue working on Twilio integration with our web applications at Zgura.

My colleague Anders has added references to Twilio using Nuget. It’s great to see how you can use Twilio extensions for MVC, including TwilioResults.

Very important, before being able to use SIP integration with Twilio, set the voice URL Twilio will use for requests on SIP call. You do that at Twilio site, SIP options. Be aware (at least it was that way last week I was using it) that you can set the type of request for the voice URL. If you make a change to the SIP configuration, request type returns to POST, even that configuration hasn’t been changed. Ensure to review and set it back to GET, if that is the type of request required.

Also this week I’ll be finishing work on another system we are working on, production process management and data collection.

Finally, keep studying for certification (web development). There is a sample application I want to study too: SocialGoal sample app.

Cheers, Danfer.