MVC 4, Keeping Convention over Configuration

I’ve found myself adding several actions methods to a controller, repeating the action method type, like for example, having more than one Index method at the controller. Of course, I add something like ProcessAIndex, ProcessBIndex, etc.

I believe that may not be according to MVC principle of convention over configuration, so think I should have more controllers. I also think I can use Areas to mitigate controllers proliferation I’ll get. Will investigate more and will keep updated.

One thought on “MVC 4, Keeping Convention over Configuration

  1. Why naming the methods something with “Index”? The class is already called Index, so no reason to call a contained method that too.
    I see nothing wrong in having multiple methods within a controller. And I see no conflict with the conventions, because there are really no convention automatics within a controller, except for the Index method itself.

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